My story as seen thru my mothers eyes

My story begins on a Sunday Nov. 23,1997---
I had a headache all weekend and I was suppose to go see some friends on Sunday but my head was hurting so bad I had to call and decline. It continued hurting thru Monday and my husband worked nights so he went on to work. When he got in on Tuesday morning I was lying on the couch passed out. My two babies were in their bed. I don't even remember putting them there. My husband Les grabbed the babies, Codie age 4 and Corbin age 9 months, and put them in the car and then carried me to the car and rushed me to Humbolt, Canada to the hospital.

On examining me they put me in an ambulance and rushed me to Saskaton to the hospital there. Upon my arrival they called in Dr. Hudoba who was a neurologist-a brain surgeon. They thought at first I was just having migraines but then they gave me a cat scan and came to the conclusion that I had an aneurysm. They scheduled me for surgery but an emergency came in and they had to postpone it. Finally on Thursday Nov. 27th,1997 (Thanksgiving day) they performed it and discovered that I not only had one aneurysm but that I had two.

Now everyone knows what the chances of living are with one aneurysm much less two-that I lived had to be God. They told Les that it was so bad he had better call in her family. Les called my sister Christy first and told her and on Thanksgiving morning Nov. 27th,1997 she flew out of Nashville Tenn. on her way to Canada. Les told her how bad I looked and not to be surprised. All she could really notice was the tubes down my throat and they had my lip turned up. Christy fixed my tube but I still couldn't speak and the next day which was Friday I tried my best to say "I love you" , but it was such a slur.

Then fluid started gathering on my lungs and they had to remove the life support. Dr Hudoba could not figure out why and Christy told him about the murmur I had in my heart and he said that explained it,so then they started working around that. Christy stayed at the hospital Thursday and Friday night but on Saturday she ask me if I wanted her to stay with me or the boys and I told her I wanted her to stay with the boys. The hospital was to call them if I had any changes and I did but the hospital did not call them.

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My Accident
On borrowed time I did live. On borrowed time I continued to give. On
borrowed time I made mistakes, but on borrowed time I kept my faith. I had
a journey I had to take and please believe it was no mistake. On borrowed
time I did remain, but on the inside was so much pain. I did continue as
best I could but to remain would not be good. For where I am at I will
remain because now I have no pain. Such joy and love I can't explain, I
even help pour out the rain. So dry up your tears and put on a smile and
know that I am with you every mile. My love continues and still remains
within your hearts that feel the pain. So upon your knees please do fall
and let the Lord carry it all.
May 28th,2004