The song that is playing is "You are my Sunshine"
Every morning to wake my boys up
I would say "wake up my little sunshine"
then I would sing you are my sunshine.

I'm so sorry about the day I had to leave
without saying "Good-bye."
But the angels came and carried me to my home
up in the sky. I did not want to
leave you, it broke my heart into,
but when I got to heaven I knew just what to do.
I'm at your bedside each night and place a kiss
upon your cheek,
I wipe the tears away so no one else can see.
I see you play I see you grow,
I see you even when you don't know.
You are my child, my little man and I will
be with you till the very end.
Altho I'm gone my love remains and dwells
with you thru all your pain.
LOVE MOM 03/09/06

"When a Life Comes Crashing Down" By: Codie Fetter

Every night when I sit down to pray
it seems like i can talk to her
like before her life came crashing down

when a life comes crashind down
more than one life s affected
there's mothers, fathers, daughters and sons

it seems just like yesterday
when a woman was at the door in a bright uniform
and told me that awful news

when a life comes crashing down
more than one life is affected
there's family, neighbors, friends and best buds

some nights when I lay down to sleep
i dream one awful dream
i see my mom in a truck
and hear a fiery crash

it was the life that came crashing down

Thank you Ann