Each time my heart is saddened
I think of days of past
The moment that I touched you
The love that life embraced

My heart still grieves forever
But yet there is that time
When little hands would reach out
And love was always mine

I miss you and I love you
With every passing day
My memories will linger on
With whispered words I say

My precious love my Trissie
I know you're next to me
Your spirit lives forever
For all eternity

Your time on earth was little
And yet you left so much
The love that was unending

Your sweet and gentle touch

I feel you in the springtime
When flowers are in bloom
I see your face in every space

Where love and life resumes

I see you in the sun shine
I feel each raindrop fall
The breeze that calms the spirit
It echoes love for all

Even though you've left me
The days and nights seem long
My heart is filled with hours
Of love within each dawn.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright© September 2, 2006
Written exclusively for Trissie