Your child goes on a journey that she must go alone.
But she is not alone for there is another place
for her to continue her destiny.
We feel the loss because we have never been there
and we have no idea of the place she is at.
We feel the loss because we have always been
the one to guide her, but now there is a love
greater than ours and says welcome home.
She unpacks her luggage of grief and sorrow
and throws it away and replaces it with such
joy and happiness that we can never know
until we make the same journey.
We long to go where she is at but we
know till our luggage is fully packed we must
remain here. The loss of the physical is
great but the love is greater and pulls
her to your heart forever.
Written May 11,2004 By Trissies' Mom -Carolyn Bethea

God Gave Me An Angel   by: Lisa Teller
God gave me an angel right here on earth,
She taught me my values and gave me self worth,
She guided me through life with her wisdom,
God's light. She steered me from wrong, and lead
me toward right. She stood by my side when things 
were rough, She taught me in bad times, we need to be
tough. She was there when I needed her throughout
all my years, She laughed with me in happy times,
and comforted my tears. My angel on earth was
sent from above, God paid her not in wages,
but with eternal love. She has been my confidante,
my rock, my protector, And when God says
her job is through, I know I won't forget her.
She need not a halo, or silken wings of grace,
For the glory of God's love shines
upon her face. My Guardian
angel, can be replaced by no other,
She is God's gift to me-- I call her my dear Mother.

For months' now I have walked this path. For months' now I have felt deaths raff. For months' now I have tried to find my way. For months' now I dread each day. This is a path I did not choose. This is a path I wish to loose. Life is full of ups and downs and we never know where it is bound. But with faith in one who lives above I will try to hide within His love. You are gone and I remain in this life that is full of pain. I hear you laugh I see your smile for after all you are my child. Trissie's Mom July 2nd,2004


 There are moments in life when you miss someone, so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real!

On Feb. 8th,2006 I had a bad day at work and I was missing Trissie real bad.

When I got in the car I cried all the way home and just said "Lord, it has
been so long since I dreamed of Trissie, and I miss her so much.

Then that night when I went to sleep I dreamed that this most beautiful butterfly kept flying around me and then it came around me and kissed me on
my cheek. I knew it was Trissie.