I am now going to walk down a memory lane that is very hard for me to travel------This will be thru my eyes as best I remember. It is Wednesday September 24th,2003---better known as the worst day of my life. I got up and went to work as usual and I had talked to Wendy that morning and told her to please call Trissie because she was wanting to hear from her. See Trissie was coming to stay with me for a while and as she told her sister Angie "Mama will help me get my faith back." Wendy called me at work and told me she had talked to Trissie and she was doing ok and that she was getting ready to go to the store to get some bunns because they were going to cook out that evening.

Her sister's Christy and Angie was suppose to pick her up in Knoxville, TN on Sept. 27th,2003 and bring her to Johnson City, Tn where I would be waiting and then on Sunday Sept.28th we were to come back to Myrtle Beach, Sc. I had spent the two weeks she found out she was coming preparing for her. I had brushed aside two dreams that I had had. They were so scary that the first time I woke Foster up just screaming and the second one I woke myself up screaming help. See I dreamed there was this man dressed all in black after me. In the first dream I was by myself and in the second one Trissie was with me. I was so upset because I couldn't get her to run with me. I just brushed them aside as bad dreams but now I believe it was death.
The Saturday before she was to come the following Saturday I was upstairs praying and I could feel the Lord telling me He was bringing Trissie home, and He was going to open a door for me and for me to go thru it. I went downstairs and told Foster God impressed me He was bringing Trissie home.That Monday I got a call that some women from North Carolina was holding a womens conference in Johnson City and wanted me to speak. There was my door opening so naturally I said yes. It was scheduled for Saturday night Oct. 4th, 2003. I went home Wednesday evening Sept. 24th,2003 and just had this big urge I had to get a hold of Trissie. It was a little after 4:00 our time so I knew it was a little after 3:00 her time and she would be waiting for the boys from school. I then brushed the urge aside and it became 6:30 and the phone rang. It was my daughter Christy she was crying so hard I could not hardly understand her. She said"Mama Trissie has been killed in a car wreck"-I couldn't believe it and didn't want to believe it so I said "who?" And she screamed "Trissie" I said "Who Christy, Kevins sister?" and she said "No, mama our Trissie has had a wreck and has been killed." All I could do was scream, fall to my knees, and throw the phone, and scream-scream-scream.

Things then became a blur. I called Les and he said the accident happened about 3:30. He said she was driving real fast and looked like she slammed on her brakes and went airborne. She hit the ground three times before coming to a stop. Please keep in mind that she lived in Canada out in the country and all the roads were gravel and hardly anyone drove on them-that is why she would drive fast-she once told me "Mama I drive fast because that is the only time I feel in control and feel normal." Then set in the feeling that every mother has felt when she looses a child and has more children---where is that bubble and how fast can I get the others in it before something happens to them.

Then came the task of getting plane tickets and trying to get to Canada as soon as possible because just by chance all this may not be true. But we got there and found out it was true!!!!! It was the hardest thing I have ever went thru. Trissie's sister-in-law Erin came into the room where I was at and said if there was any questions I wanted to ask she thought she would be able to answere them. The first question I ask her was "Was Trissie still alive when the truck caught on fire?" She couldn't look me in the face when she shook her head YES.I then told her I had to go to the spot where she wrecked and her and Trissie's mother-in-law went with me. But before I went I had the task of telling Trissie's sister's that she had burnt up alive.

Going to the spot Erin told me that there had been a farmer that had seen the smoke and went and tried to help her. They said it had bothered him so bad that he couldn't sleep at night. Then we arrived at the spot. All that was left was the black where it had burned. All I could scream was "Mama's here now baby, you can rest in peace". Later I had Foster to take me back there and I had heard the farmer was in his fields on his combine and I knew I had to find him. I found him and I told him I just wanted to thank him for trying. He hugged me and started crying and said he did everything he could do to try and get her out that she was screaming "Please help me", but he couldn't get her seat belt loose and finally the flames got so bad he had to back off.

Well after that story I did go into shock. All I could do was sit on the porch and just imagine the scene over and over in my mind----And I still do that...Trissie was driving fast, slammed on her brakes for some reason and being in rocks she went off the side of the road and went airborne.....landed three times and then the truck caught on fire---I could hear her screaming and see the farmer trying to get her out and the seat belt not coming loose. I live with those thoughts
every day of my life.