This web site is the result of a dream I had in 1995. I dreamed I was in this glass room with my oldest daughter Wendy and a friend Mark McIntosh. There were all kinds of people trying to get in and Trissie was outside with them and asking everyone to give her 69 cents. Wendy said to me (because I could see myself lying on a glass bed but I was also at the door) "Mama you are dead-you've had a heart attack." And I said "I know but I have to get Trissie thru the door first". I dreamed I opened the door and pulled her thru the crowd and then thru the door. When I got her in I said "Trissie why are you bumming 69 cents when your mouth is filled with gold"? When she went to speak gold glitter came out of her mouth. The dream is just now becoming a reality because on 09/24/03 she passed in an automobile accident. But the battle she fought from 1997 to 2003 is truly the gold she has in her mouth. It is a remarkable story and all thru you can see the hand of God. I hope that her story in some way will help you to understand that we do not know God's plan for our life but to know He has our life in His hands. Truly on 09/24/03 when God called Trissie home, a part of me died with a broken heart.

I want to thank my sister Becky for never giving up that Trissie's story needed to be told and she kept working till she found a way.

Thank-you my Sister my Friend!!!!!!!!

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Thank you Danny for what you are doing. Putting your life on the line to keep America safe.

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